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        1Liter Bottle.


Jack Daniel, our founder was held in high regard for his fine taste as The Gentleman Distiller of Lynchburg, Tennessee. This Limited Edition Gentleman Jack is inspired by his one-of-a-kind handcrafted Swiss pocket watch. To commemorate the moment, we hand-selected barrels to craft an 86 proof expression of our Double Mellowed Tennessee Whiskey.  

Bottling Notes

This Gentleman Jack 1L Timepiece Limited Edition expression is a rare collectible offering from the Jack Daniels, Gentleman Jack label. It was released to commemorate the memory of Mr. Jack himself and the bottle is modelled after Jacks one of a kind hand-crafted Swiss pocket watch that was made in Switzerland in 1903.

The front ‘metallic engraved’ label on this Gentleman Jack Timepiece release reflects the sophisticated detail of Jack’s own timepiece which sits proudly on display today at the Patek-Phillipe museum in Geneva, Switzerland. The whisky is produced using hand selected special barrels that are extra matured and poured into the bottle at 43%alc as opposed to the standard 40%alc Gentleman Jack release.

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